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Mark, who became unemployed after 10 years at a software high tech company said: “I think this book was awesome. In one small book, I found all the important information I needed to get me from one job to another.”

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Amy, who was let go from a job as a bank teller says: “The book helped especially with being a little blue about staying home.”

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Surviving unemployment is the one and only book you will need while you are out of a job. This book not only provides practical information on how to restart your career but also how to best to deal with the unemployment emotional roller coaster.




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This CD leads you through  a deep relaxation with affirmations and suggestions that will help you during job interviews and other times of stress that occur during unemployment.


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This must have job search book is for you if you want to write a winning resume, be confident as you go on job interviews, and effectively manage (and enjoy) your time out of work.  Whether the issues that you are facing are practical (such as how to find job agencies on line) or emotional (such as how to manage pre-interview jitters), Surviving Unemployment will empower you during this time.

Surviving Unemployment has been nominated for the Adding Wisdom Award!!!

Get grounded with the correct information about being unemployed.

See that others are experiencing the same emotional issues as you.  Find out how to progress from the initial trauma you experience when a job ends, to feeling good, strong, and confident again.

Solve any practical problems.

Learn how to manage on less money for the short interim between jobs.  Get an estimate of how much your unemployment check will be.  Learn how to manage exit packages that may include lump sum payments and IRA’s. 

Be happy today; enjoy your extra time.   

Discover in this book suggestions on ways to structure each day and fill the extra time that is suddenly on your hands.  See how, if you let it, this time be the most exciting, growth-oriented experience of your life. 

Know the type of job you want and learn the best ways to get it. 

Find practical suggestions on not only how to find open job positions, but the best way to get the job that’s right for you. Learn how to write an effective resume, prepare for an interview, handle pre-interview anxiety, and what to expect during a job interview. 

Perform affirmations and meditations to help you over the rough spots. 

Affirmations and deep relaxations can help you to gain confidence and remain focused as you go on your interview.  The ones in this book are specifically written for the job seeker and include visualizations that will walk you through your interview. 

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In staying with the theme of surviving life mindfully in a centered manner, and empowering ourselves through information, practical actions, affirmations and meditations Surviving Unemployment walks you through every facet of your unemployment experience. When you are out of a job it is not only your task to get a new job, but it is also your task to be content and confident.  This book is about not feeling alone and dreading the extra time that you are suddenly given, it is about feeling your best when you go on job interviews despite the fact that you really want the job and your inner negative voice is saying you’re not qualified.   In other words it is about living life mindfully, while you wait for your work life to start again. 

Special: Click here to buy your book directly from the publisher for only $12.88



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