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Marion, a 53 year old widow says:  ”This book is great, it told me everything I needed to know to get back into the dating world."

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Susan, a 45 year old never married teacher says:  "This book let me know it was OK to be single.  It also helped me find ways to travel and fix my house -- all on my own!  I couldn't imagine being single without it."

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Joan, a counselor for recently divorced and separated people says:  “This sometimes humorous book honors the single person using necessary information and personal anecdotes.”




About the Book

Surviving Being Single Past 40 honors the single person.  It  offers suggestions on how a single person can live life fully, including practical information such as how to go on a dream vacation and how to hire a home contractor.  It also helps the single person decide if marriage is for you, and how to deal with the emotional ride of dating (if that is a ride you choose to go on).

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This CD leads you through  a deep relaxation with affirmations and suggestions that will help you decide about being married and how to get what you need when you date someone new.





Today's headlines are saying that it is becoming almost commonplace for people to be marrying when they are over 40.

If you are..

Over 40,
Pretty Satisfied with Your Life,
   You Want to Live Life a Bit More Fully...

Then this book is for you!!!

Whether you are single because you were never married, divorced, or widowed Surviving Being Single Past 40:Living Life Fully, With or Without a Partner offers you valuable information to empower you during this time.

"Really well done, humorous, wise, and informative."

Get the Real Facts on the Single Life

You may not be surprised to know that more people are single these days, but did you know the percentage is over 40%.  Today's options to live as a single person are unlimited and this chapter will tell you how other singles like you are living their lives to the fullest.

Empower Yourself with Practical Information 

Are you hesitant about making large purchases?  Afraid the sales person will not give you as good a deal because you don’t have a partner standing beside you?  Wondering what steps to take to get a mortgage or add an addition onto your current home?  This chapter will empower you when buying goods and services.  It provides you the know how about what to expect when you buy something and what to do if something goes wrong.

Live Life Single, Live Life Now, Live Life Fully

There are days, I know, when you can sit around your home and think of all you do not like about your single life.  You may think “I’d be so much happier if I was married.”  This chapter will help you to enjoy life whether you are single or not.  It will help you look beyond the downs of being single and find ways to enjoy your own solo company.  It will tell you about places to go on vacation and be comfortable as a single person.  How to deal with others who seem to be pestering you about why you aren't married.  It will teach you how to get over those bumps you only encounter when you are a single person.

Meet Someone In an Informed Manner 

Make an more informed decision about being single or married.  This chapter will provide a chart that contains over 50 characteristics to help you decide what you really want in a mate. It will also lead you through the steps to finding a mate, going on the first date and handling rejection (if hopefully that doesn't occur).

Look Inside to Find What You Need 

The final chapter of the book will help you to attain the life you want through deep relaxations and affirmations.  Affirmations  will help you become happier, decide if you want a life partner, and how to deal with the emotions that this all evokes.  Using guided imagery you will learn how to feel confident when you go on that first date, empowered even though you just had a relationship end, and deal with the emotions that occurs when you haven't had a date for a while. 

When I was over 40 and not married, I felt like a square peg in a round hole.  It seemed like all my friends, family members and even neighbors were married.   I felt odd and inadequate when I went to make large purchases such as a house or car.  I felt I needed a partner to travel or go to a fine restaurant.  It is at about that time when I decided to write a book that would educate myself and others in how to live life fully at this stage of life.

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