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Mark and Lily waiting for Valerie in one of
her favorite places -- Cape Cod, MA.


Valerie was born in Worcester, MA and grew up in the suburb of Shrewsbury, MA.  At a young age, Valerie started writing.  At this time she heard about meditation and deep relaxations. She used the deep relaxations as a sedative for  her day-to-day problems such as abuse, homelessness, and extreme poverty.  Valerie became interested in Psychology in high school and received her BA from U Mass Dartmouth.  After graduation she taught disabled adults clerical skills for a number of years.  Feeling she wanted to change careers and through a set of coincidences, Valerie became a Technical Writer. She received her graduate certificate from Clark University in Worcester. She has since made a very good career as a Technical Writer, specializing in writing, editing and designing documentation.

Valerie's hobbies include furniture refinishing, painting, reading, swimming and movies.

Today, Valerie lives in Massachusetts with her husband Mark, cat Merc and Chihuahua Lily. She has been a practicing Buddhist since 1988 and performs her Buddhist practice daily. 

You can write Valerie at SurvivingBooks@aol.com.


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