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In staying with the theme of surviving life mindfully in a centered manner and empowering ourselves through information, practical suggestions, affirmations and meditations the Surviving Life Mindfully books are...


Surviving Unemployment:  Staying Centered While Your World Turns Upside Down


Surviving Being Single Past 40:  Living Life Fully, With or Without a Partner


Surviving Loss of a Loved One:  Staying Centered During Your Time of Grief


Surviving Your Reflection in the Mirror:  Loving Your Body No Matter What

Also available with each book is a CD or cassette tape that contains meditations and affirmations that will keep you relaxed confident while you survive your particular situation. 

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Surviving Unemployment: Staying Centered While Your World Turns Upside Down

Surviving Unemployment will help you with every facet of your unemployment experience, from recovering from the job loss trauma, to learning how to find and get a job, and finally learning relaxations and affirmations to help you remain calm and centered while you survive unemployment.  When you are unemployed it is not only your task to get a new job, but it is also your task to be content and confident during the time you are unemployed.  This book is about not feeling alone and dreading the extra time that you are suddenly given, it is about feeling your best when you go on job interviews despite the fact that you really want the job and your inner negative voice is saying youíre not qualified.     In other words it is about living life mindfully, while you wait for your work life to start again.  This book includes the following helpful information:

Get grounded with the correct information about being unemployed. Learn that others are experiencing the same emotional distress as you are.  Find out how to progress from the initial trauma you feel when a job ends, to feeling good, strong, competent and safe again. 

Solve any practical problems.  Learn how to manage on much less money for the interim between jobs.  Get an estimate of how much your unemployment check will be.  Learn how to manage exit packages that may include lump sum payments and IRAís. 

Be happy today; find ways to enjoy your extra time this day.   Find in this book suggestions on ways to structure each day and fill the extra time that is suddenly on your hands.  See how, if you let it, this time be the most exciting, growth-oriented experience of your life. 

Know the type of job you want and learn the best options to get it.  Find practical suggestions on not only how to find open job positions, but the best way to get the job thatís right for you. Learn how to write an effective resume, prepare for an interview, handle pre-interview anxiety, and what to expect during a job interview. 

Perform affirmations and meditations to help you over the rough spots.  Affirmations and deep relaxations can help you to gain confidence and remain focused as you go on your interview.  The ones in this book  are specifically written for the job seeker and include visualizations that will walk you through your interview. 


When I was over 40 and not married, I felt like I was the only single person around.  It seemed like all my friends, family members and even neighbors were married.   I felt odd and inadequate when I went to make large purchases such as a house or car.  I felt I needed a partner to travel or go to a fine restaurant.  It is at about that time when I decided to write a book that would educate myself and others in how to live life fully at this stage of life.  Whether you are single because you were never married, divorced, or widowed Surviving Being Single Past 40 offers you valuable information to empower you during this time.

Statistics on being married.  You may not be surprised to know that more people are single these days, but did you know the percentage is over 40%.  Today's options to not getting married and having children are unlimited and this chapter discusses how single people over 40 today are living their lives.

Handling finances.  Are you hesitant about making large purchases?  Afraid the sales person will not give you as good a deal because you donít have a partner standing beside you?  Wondering what steps to take to get a mortgage or add an addition onto your current home?  This chapter will empower you when buying goods and services.  It provides you the know how about what to expect when you buy something and what to do if something goes wrong.

Living Single, Living Now. There are days, I know, when you can sit around your home and think of all you do not like about your single life.  You may think ďIíd be so much happier if I was married.Ē  This chapter will help you to enjoy life whether you are single or not.  It will help you look look beyond the downs of being single and find ways to enjoy you.  It will tell you about places to go on vacation and be comfortable as a single person.  How to deal with others seemingly pestering you about why you aren't married.  It will teach you how to get over those bumps you only encounter when you are a single person.

Meeting Someone.  Though this book purposely focuses on providing you the information to make an informed decision about being single or married, I didn't feel it would be complete without including an informed way to find a partner.  This chapter will provide a chart that contains over 50 characteristics to help you decide what you really want in a mate. It will also lead you through the steps to finding a mate, going on the first date and handling rejection (if hopefully that doesn't occur).

Look Inside to Find What You Need.  This chapter will help you to attain the life you want through deep relaxations and affirmations.  Affirmations are supplied that will help us become happier, decide if you want a life partner, and how to deal with the emotions that this all evokes.  Guided meditations will help you feel relaxed when you go on that first date, feel empowered even though you just had a relationship end, and deal with the sadness that occurs when we haven't had a date for a while. 

In the process of being written, this book will help all of us chubbettes (or "chubbettes thinks we are") deal with how we feel about our weight.  It's tentative topics are listed below:
Weights and Measures (statistics)
The emotional ups and downs of weight loss.
Diets (or ways we're told we can lose weight)
Loving Yourself No Matter What the Weight
Look Inside to find What You need

Surviving the Loss of a Loved One:  Staying Centered During Your Time of Grief

Though not written yet, this book will help you get through your time of grief.  Realizing that grief takes on many forms, not only the death of a loved one, but also dealing with the loss of a beloved pet, or the loss of a loved ones capabilities, such as in old age.  It will contain the following topics:
The Stages of Grief
Types of Grief
Getting Through The Day
Moving On
Look Inside to Find What You Need
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