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This CD leads you through  a deep relaxation with affirmations and suggestions that will help you during job interviews and other times of stress that occur during unemployment.


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Mark, who became unemployed after 10 years at a software high tech company said: “I think this book was awesome. In one small book, I found all the important information I needed to get me from one job to another.”

Amy, who was let go from a job as a bank teller says: “The book helped especially with being a little blue about staying home.”




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Intro and Preface:  Learn what motivated me to write this book and obtain and overview of the Surviving Unemployment book.

Chapter 1.  You’ll find in this chapter  how to get you from that point of crisis when you ended a job - to where you feel confident and strong and safe again.  This chapter presents information about how you and others became unemployed, how you feel about it, how to deal with your feelings and finally any legal actions that may be required to take.

Chapter 2.  The practical fear of a negative financial impact is the next unemployment chasm you must cross.  At this point, suddenly you do not get a regular paycheck, and you may wonder how much will you get with unemployment and what other free benefits do I get from them?  You also may receive a 401K or other lump sump package of money and speculate about what to do with that.  This chapter discusses how to manage the money you have (and will get from unemployment).

Chapter 3.  Now, that you’ve gained the confidence in the practical aspects of unemployment finances, we’ll move onto how you can take care of you and your inner self.  This chapter discusses  how to organize your time wisely, while conserving your funds and possibly gaining insight into yourself.  In other words you are now going to learn how to prosper emotionally, while you may be waning financially.

Chapter 4.  This chapter covers the processes of both finding and getting a job.  It makes a distinction for the often heard question “have you found a job?” to the realization that there are many places to find a job, but getting a job is a different story.   This chapter lists the various and bet ways to  find job openings, such as on the internet, networking and through professional clubs.  It finally talks about getting  a job, by presenting some successful ways to create a resume, the four step process to have a great interview and affirmations to deal with any anxiety that comes up along the way. 

Chapter 5.  This chapter takes your unemployment experience a step further by helping you to remain calm, centered, focused and confident as you look for a job. It accomplishes this task using affirmation, creative visualization and relaxation techniques written specifically for the job seeker.

Index.  See where you can find the information you need in the Surviving Unemployment book.





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